The Establishment

The Establishment is a “doing business as” name for MML Investors Services, LLC when offering the classes and financial events detailed on this website. MML Investors Services, which is registered as a broker-dealer and investment adviser, began conducting business in 1981 and has been registered as an investment adviser since 1993. MML Investors Services’ primary business is assisting clients in purchasing and selling securities products, including mutual funds and variable annuities, and providing investment advisory services, such as financial planning and managed account programs. We are wholly owned by MassMutual Holding, LLC, which is a subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual).

Our financial advisors are investment adviser representatives and registered representatives of MML Investors Services and are licensed insurance agents or brokers of MassMutual and/or other affiliated or unaffiliated insurance companies.

What We Do

The Establishment is a learning platform launched by MassMutual and MML Investors Services in 2015. As a mutual insurance company, MassMutual takes a long-term view. And this long-term view has led it to commit resources to the Establishment as a new venture aimed at helping people get more established.
We work with adults to help you learn about the financial topics that affect your goals and planning. During our classes and events, we are not offering or selling any financial products – only education, and a place where people feel welcome and inspired to make informed decisions on their goals and in their lives. If at some point you are interested in purchasing financial products, well, our representatives can help with that too.

The Establishment offers different types of classes focused on personal finance topics, like insurance, investments, and debt. At these core financial events, attendees will receive generalized education in a group setting to help them think about their financial situation and act on their financial goals. Action items offered in core financial events are general in nature, and not personalized for any attendee’s specific situation or goals. Financial planners will not recommend specific securities through the core financial events.

Because we value transparency, our fee structure is simple: attendees attend our classes for free and have the ability to pay-as-they-go which allows our members to obtain education on their terms, selecting the services they need over time.

After an Establishment Class

After a class, if an attendee would like to take action or discuss his or her personal goals, our representatives are available to provide individual consultations and recommend specific products and services, separate and apart from the events described on this website and via a separate relationship. The nature and extent of the separate relationship will depend on the products and services the attendee selects.

Attendees are under no obligation to purchase any products or services from MML Investors Services, our representatives (which include our financial advisors) or affiliates. However, attendees who buy securities or insurance products – regardless of whether they do so through MML Investors Services, an affiliate or on unaffiliated company – will incur fees and expenses (e.g., commissions and transaction costs) from the companies that they use for those transactions.

If attendees do purchase products or services from us, this will result in the payment of additional compensation to MML Investors Services, our representatives (which include our financial advisors) and/or our affiliates. Such compensation might take the form of commissions and other payment streams tied to the sale of securities or insurance products or it might take the form of investment advisory fees. In addition, when securities or insurance products issued, sponsored, advised, underwritten, distributed, or serviced by MML Investors Services or an affiliate are sold to an attendee, MML Investors Services or our affiliates receives compensation in addition to the commission and/or other compensation paid in connection with the sale of such securities or insurance products. The compensation creates an incentive and conflict of interest for MML Investors Services and our representative to recommend products and services based on the compensation received, rather than solely on a client’s needs.